Daman Funds Cap 2014 With Record Cash Dividends

Daman’s IPO plans on track; Company set to benefit from adjusted market valuations.

DUBAI, UAE, January 18, 2015: Daman Investments PSC, one of the leading UAE-based regional investment management companies, has reiterated its commitment to go public early this year following a bumper Q4 in 2014 for which it will once again pay record high dividends on investments funds.

“Our strong conviction that the UAE markets are set for a bounce back coupled with our strong performance are the two ingredients that give us the confidence in the market’s potential and self-belief in our abilities in order to continue working diligently towards our IPO,” said Mr. Shehab Gargash, Managing Director of Daman Investments PSC.

Daman Funds continue to be the GCC’s leading dividend-yielding funds with annualized returns in the triple digits, vastly outperforming the market.


Net Asset Value as of December 31, 2014

Q4 2014 Dividend in AED

2014 Dividend Yield

2014 Performance
  Daman Second Emirates Fund 125.07 6 41.58% 21.38%
  Daman Islamic Fund 115.91 6 25.88% 8.62%
  Daman Speculator Fund 69.82 11.46% -23.13%
  Daman Fifth Fund 377.09 150 74.25% 231.91%

  Dubai Financial Market 5.27 % 11.99%
  Abu Dhabi Securities Market 3.67% 5.56%
  MSCI GCC Index 4.02% -2.17%


Highlights include the flagship Daman Second Emirates Fund which will be paying out a record 20th consecutive quarterly dividend and the Daman Fifth Fund, which will be distributing a record AED 150 per unit dividend for the same quarter, bringing the annual dividend yield to 74.25%, amongst the highest in the world. Boasting a staggering 231.91% return, Daman Fifth Fund was the GCC’s highest performing fund in 2014 according to Bloomberg and Zawya.

Daman Funds’ consistently strong performance is in line with Daman’s investment philosophy which aims to deliver strong alpha via rigorously tested investment strategies. Daman Funds have achieved these superior returns through their unique insights developed over more than a decade of experience in GCC markets. Daman adheres to stringent risk management guidelines while keeping a vigilant eye on returns.

Mr. Shehab Gargash added: “Daman’s unique investment strategies have enabled the funds to greatly outperform the market and that’s a tangible demonstration of our in-house expertise and know-how which gives us our edge in a highly competitive market.”

Mr. Shehzad Janab, Head of Asset Management and Advisory of Daman Investments PSC said: “Daman’s Funds have had a strong finish to the year in 2014 maintaining their top flight status in volatile market conditions.” He also added further: “The sharp decline in the price of oil coupled with high margin lending has added further steam to the recent selloff and we expect the markets to rally in the first quarter as investors begin to refocus on fundamental factors such as valuations, earnings and dividends – which are expected to be much higher this year.”


About Daman Investments PSC (www.daman.ae)

Daman Investments PSC (“Daman”) is a private joint stock company based in Dubai, UAE. From its early beginnings in 1998, the group has grown rapidly into a non-bank financial services company now widely recognized as an authority in its core markets, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Iraq.

Known for offering innovative investment products and services to both regional and international clients, Daman provides investment management and development capital investment opportunities as well as brokerage operations through its subsidiaries. Daman is committed to the principles of ethical business practice and operational transparency. All Daman’s various operations are regulated by the United Arab Emirates Central Bank, the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) and the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA).